Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haifa's outdoor market mentioned on Food Bridge Blog

Haifa doesn't get mentioned enough, (hence the creation of this blog!), so you can imagine my excitement at reading a post on another food-related blog, Food Bridge, about a visit to the outdoor market, Shuka HaTalpiot, in Haifa (click here for the article). The descriptions and colourful photos remind me of my first shopping experiences at the Talpiot Market a few years ago!

This blog is fantastic source of information about Middle Eastern culture, explored through local food and recipes. It can be accessed at


  1. I love outdoor markets.It's a beautiful post and really captured the beauty and activity of the market. Hope you could drop by our site too. Thanks!

  2. They are great, aren't they?! Haifa has just opened a new farmers' market which I'll be visiting shortly!

  3. I clicked on your blog via your comment on the irenesharonhodes post about cafes in TLV. Thought you might want to see another blog (mine) about my year in Haifa. There's some family stuff, which you'll probably want to skip, but we do have a lot about food, which seems up your alley (given the name of your blog!). Looking forward to that post about cafes to work in Haifa!